The Birth of the Kaiserwein

On 18th August 2008, at the grand anniversary gala on the emperor's birthday in Bad Ischl congress center, an animated conversation arose between Bad Ischl Tourist Office managers Director Robert Herzog and Elisabeth Riener, ourselves Matthias and Sebastian Siess, and our representative Karl Horvath on the question if we should create an "emperor wine" for the emperor town Bad Ischl. Since Kaiser is the German word for emperor, the obvious thing to do was to call it "Kaiserwein".

Director Herzog and Elisabeth Riener were enthusiastic immediately, and so were we, of course. We got down to work right away and started planning the project. Mr. Herzog contacted former Olympic skiing champion Franz Klammer, who agreed to sponsor the Kaiserwein.

In November 2008, we organised a great wine christening party in our winery in Oggau with more than 300 guests and the representatives from Bad Ischl: Mayor Hannes Haide, Elisabeth Riener and her team, and last but not least the EMPEROR COUPLE that added the aristocratic flair to our wine christening ceremony.

We, the host families - Mad, Siess, and Händler - also head the pleasure to welcome all important people of Oggau : mayor Ernst Schmidt, vice-mayor Peter Eibl, Josef Sturm, chairman of the tourism association and managing director Ilse Steiner, as well as the chairwomen and chairmen of all local associations, our friends, acquaintences and guests.

Father Willi Ringhofer, the parish priest, blessed and sanctified the wine, and so it became official! This was the birth of the Kaiserwein for Bad Ischl!

In March 2009, we officially introduced the bottled white and red Kaiserwein varieties to the trades people of Bad Ischl at the plenary meeting of the tourism board in the Ischl pump room and consigned the wines to their purpose of giving pure pleasure on aristocratic level.

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